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About Us

Unicorn Island: Clothing for a Cause

  Unicorns have always been magical, rare and beautiful. This legendary creature adds a unique touch to our brand and to its fun designs. We have a true obsession for them. Our story began with my daughter, who loves these mythical creatures. She used to wish for a rainbow unicorn on her birthday, and she still does today at 10 years old. She enjoys the element of hope, love and wonder these beautiful creatures capture. From then, the idea developed into a brand and Unicorn Island was born.

  Our company has a vision: not only to offer cute clothing, but also to give back through supporting charitable causes we care about. This is the reason why our company set out to support the remarkable Childrens Miracle Network, as well as other related charities. Children’s Miracle Network supports children hospitals throughout North America by raising funds and contributing to medical research, community awareness and more. Unicorn Island is incredibly moved by their efforts and aspires to contribute to their excellent work. We will donate a portion of our earnings to these organizations, helping communities in need to offer new resources and opportunities to their children - the true gateway to a better future.

  Unicorn Island aims to inspire people and spark their excitement and interest with fun clothes that aren’t only beautiful and stylish, but also socially conscious…and magical!
If you like to shop, love the magic of hope & wonder AND want to support a good cause, this is your chance :)